Image-Pro Express Version 6.0 Imaging Software

Media Cybernetics announces the release of Image-Pro Express Version 6.0 scientific image processing and analysis software. This major version release of Image-Pro Express offers new tools for image processing, measurement and analysis.

Processing Tools:
Image-Pro Express 6.0 includes new image processing tools that allow users to uncover more details within their images. A full complement of edge filters provides new means of object identification. Artifacts can be eliminated from images with the use of forward and inverse Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs). The Color Composite feature makes it easy to create composite images from multiple gray scale images.

Measurement Features:
The new measurement tools in Image-Pro Express 6.0 enable users to gather more quantifiable data from their images. Tools for metrology, thickness measurement, and edge detection allow Image-Pro Express users to apply and collect advanced measurement data.

Analysis Tools:
The addition of new analysis tools allows Image-Pro Express 6.0 users to further explore and understand their images. The Surface Plot feature makes it easy to display image intensity values in a 3D plot. The Data Collector feature provides a place where users can accumulate, summarize, and store information from the analysis of multiple images.

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