Royal Belfast Hospital Installs Vocera Communications System

The Royal Hospitals has announced that it will consolidate its communication processes to improve patient care and staff satisfaction by using the Vocera Communications System, by Worldwide Solutions. This solution forms an integral part of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children's (RBHSC's) new wireless voice and data infrastructure which has just been recognized as the Best Enterprise Deployment for the public sector at the prestigious Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards 2006 and Public Sector Project of the Year at the Techworld Awards 2006.

Seventy-five healthcare staff working in RBHSC's Barbour Ward will use the Vocera solution, which simplifies communication processes through a combination of the Vocera System Software and Vocera Communications Badges. The badge, weighing less than 2 ounces, can be clipped to a shirt pocket or collar, or worn on a lanyard, enabling instant, hands-free voice communication. By simply pressing a button on the badge and asking the system to call by name, title, or function, staff will be instantly connected to the resources or colleagues they need anywhere in the hospital's wireless environment. Combining the leading-edge technologies of Wireless LAN (WiFi), Voice over IP (VoIP), and speech recognition, Vocera allows users to communicate, make decisions, and act quickly anytime, anywhere within a wireless environment.

Before using the Vocera Communications System, staff used a variety of communication tools such as landline telephones, radios, pagers, and mobile phones. Each of these tools proved ineffective, as they could not be used in conjunction with one another. The Vocera Communications System resolves this issue by allowing staff to instantly contact all relevant personnel by using one device.

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