SigmaTel STMP3600 Powers Siren 4GB Flash MP3 Player

SigmaTel has announced that Siren is using SigmaTel's STMP3600 system-on-chip (SoC) controller to power the Siren 4GB MP3 audio player. With 4 gigabytes of flash memory, the Siren player stores up to 2000 songs (with playlists), and plays 16-plus hours on one AAA battery. It also meets Microsoft's PlaysForSure 2.0 specification allowing easy music transfers between any Windows-based subscription services. The STMP3600's long battery life and smaller form factor design capabilities result from the integration of battery recharge, power management, audio codec, and flash controller on a single chip solution.

With support for all major audio formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio, AAC, and OGG Vorbis, the STMP3600 offers high audio quality (based on tests using Rohde and Schwarz Audio Analyzer technology). In addition to world class audio, the STMP3600 will support MPEG4, H.264 and WMV9 video formats at varying resolutions and bit rates.

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