Versatile New RCA Portable DVD Players

RCA offers three different portable DVD player solutions that provide multiple entertainment options including playback of favorite DVD movies and TV shows, as well as enjoyment of video games and CDs inside, outside or on the go.

The RCA DRC629N and DRC630N feature two individual seven-inch widescreen LCD displays, so two youngsters can enjoy the same video while sitting in different seats of the car. A single cable connection (included) is all that is needed to connect the second screen. An additional bonus is two headphone jacks so both users can tune in to the full, rich sound of their favorite DVDs, CDs and mp3 discs without disturbing fellow travelers.

Designed specifically for automobile use, both the DRC629N and DRC630N come with an attachment that makes it simple to secure the dual screens to the back of the car's headrests. This keeps the screens from intruding on front-car space.

Users can enjoy playback from virtually all DVD formats including DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW as well as CD/CD-R/-RW, mp3 CD-R, and mp3 compatible pre-recorded discs. A convenient USB input enables the display of JPEG and music files from most mp3 players, thumb drives, and card readers.

Parents will appreciate the units' TV Guardian feature, which scans subtitle data of a DVD disc and mutes the sound when offensive language is indicated. The TV Guardian feature is embedded in the DRC629N and is easy to navigate using the unit's remote control. The foul language filter on the RCA DRC630N is built-in and ready for the consumer to activate by contacting TV Guardian via the Internet.

Both units feature audio/video out connections, enabling the user to link the DVD player to a TV, stereo, and other devices to further expand the entertainment capability.

For video game enthusiasts, both the DRC629N and DRC630N have 30 integrated games, and the DRC630N features an accessory game pad. An additional accessory kit for the two players includes home & car power supply, a/v cables, single cable screen connector, carrying bag, and headrest attachment.

The RCA DRC627N portable DVD player with a single seven-inch widescreen LCD display is an innovative model with an adjustable screen that allows viewing of video at different angles. Designed to accommodate kids who are video game enthusiasts, the DRC627N has 30 integrated games with 15 games for children ranging in age from four to six years and another 15 appealing to kids between six and 10 years old.

The DRC627N displays movies in their original widescreen format. The highly versatile player is adaptable to almost any viewing environment - inside, outside or traveling in a car - and playback capability includes virtually all DVD and CD formats such as DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, and CD/CD-R/-RW.

Recognizing that the primary users of the DRC627N will be children, designers selected a high-impact plastic cabinet for the unit and included rounded corners, protective screen coating, and high temperature resistance to enhance the durability of the model.

A 2.5-hour lithium battery allows for extended hours of entertainment, particularly useful on long trips, and dual headphone jacks are provided to enable two users to enjoy the most active video game without disturbing others.

Like the DRC629N and DRC630N, the DRC627N features TV Guardian foul language filter, which is easily activated via the Internet. Once configured, the DVD player will scan subtitle data and mute offensive language. An accessory kit comes with the DRC627N, with home & car power supply, a/v cables and carrying case/car bag.

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