Version 2.5 of Add-in Express VCL by Afalina

Afalina has released version 2.5 of Add-in Express VCL, feature-rich visual toolkit for writing COM add-ins, smart tags and RTD servers in Borland Delphi. Add-in Express VCL offers a true RAD approach to Delphi developers and allows writing add-ins, smart tags and RTD servers without coding their GUI. Add-in Express implements everything required by the COM Add-in, Smart Tag and Excel RTD Server technologies. You run one of the Add-in Express wizards from the Delphi IDE and get a ready project that centralizes all technology-specific components and the main project logic through a special RAD module. All this makes COM add-in development much faster and easier. No low level development, write functional code only.

Add-in Express VCL completely supports all main applications from the Microsoft Office Family: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, MapPoint, Publisher, Access, and FrontPage. Each add-in based on Add-in Express can work with several or all host applications simultaneously, there is no need to develop different add-ins for different applications.

Borland's Office Automation Servers components are directly integrated into Add-in Express what makes coding more comfortable and applied code smarter.

With Add-in Express developers can:

For COM add-ins:
- Create command bars and their controls, handle their events.
- Handle all events of all MS Office applications.
- Intercept custom and built-in shortcuts and use them for custom controls, substitute built-in controls with new ones.
- Place custom controls and any built-in controls together on commandbars, menus and context menus.
- Embed a code into event handlers of the built-in controls such as the Send button in Outlook, the Save menu item in Word, the Find command in Excel, and more.

For Smart Tags:
- Specify any smart tag topics and their recognizers including dynamical recognizers.

For Excel Real-Time Data servers:
- Develop effective RTD servers including passing parameters to any RTD functions.

Add-in Express VCL is developed in Delphi and supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005 and Delphi 2006.

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