Incuity Releases Version 2.3 of Flagship Incuity EMI Software

Incuity Software has announced the release of version 2.3 of its flagship Incuity EMI software, which offers new usability features and embeds the ISA 95 model for creating a coherent and context-rich view of a company's manufacturing environment.

In addition to the powerful capabilities provided for modeling processes, the new 2.3 version of Incuity EMI also incorporates several feature enhancements that simply make it easier to use, such as:
- Easier generation and publication of scheduled reports using third-party job scheduling tools such as SQL Server Agent
- External specification of trending time periods to allow synchronization of multiple trends
- Creation of "external" portal pages for inclusion within a company's standard enterprise portals
- Improvements in client load time and general client performance
- Enhanced OPC connectivity to all major control vendors for improved support for importing namespaces and tag attributes

The Incuity EMI Version 2.3, which began shipments in mid-June, provides standards-based connectivity to just about any database system, to all of the most popular process historians and to as many as 70 different families of real-time control data sources. It provides broad connectivity to virtually any data source in small, medium and large companies, from plant floor systems to enterprise business applications. It offers sophisticated capabilities for manipulating, viewing and sharing data throughout larger organizations to support better business decisions about production operations. Incuity EMI can access information over any network, using standard browsers, and process it as requested so users can analyze it from within the application software they already use to do their jobs - whether it's word processors, spreadsheets, graphics, data mining, business intelligence or other programs.

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