Numara Introduces New Bar Code Extension for Numara Track-It! 7

Numara Software has announced the general availability of Numara Track-It! Bar Code, a new extension for Numara Track-It! 7, its core Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution. Numara Track-It! Bar Code allows IT professionals to use bar code devices to capture IT asset information directly into the Numara Track-It! Inventory module, thus providing greater accuracy and control. With this new extension, Numara Track-It! 7 provides a comprehensive Asset Management solution that reduces the impact of human data entry errors, increases employee efficiency and improves asset management consistency and predictability.

The Numara Track-It! 7 Bar Code extension adds to the Numara Track-It! Asset Management solution with the supplemental scanning capability to perform asset audits by accurately identifying, validating and transferring any IT asset. Automating the repetitive task of entering asset information that cannot be identified through auto discovery, it enables users to work faster with more accuracy. The Bar Code extension is available to Numara Track-It! 7 Enterprise and Professional users.

Specific benefits of Numara Track-It! 7 Bar Code include:
- Data Accuracy, Error Reduction: Research shows that human error resulting from manual data collection occurs every 300 keystrokes. By leveraging the Numara Track-It! 7 Bar Code extension, companies can increase their accuracy rate from about 80% to 100% accuracy with automated scanning processes.
- Improved Visibility of All Types of Assets - Tracked assets are no longer limited to the PC. Companies can track any company assets such as copiers and fax machines, furniture and appliances; switches, routers and printers; or PDAs and telephones.
- Compliancy Adherence - The Numara Track-It! 7 Bar Code extension allows companies to verify any asset no matter how it is identified and to reconcile physical inventory audits with auto discovery, enhancing data integrity and consistency.
- Broader Scope of Tracking, Any Location - Whether in a remote location in any part of the world, companies can scan asset data and synchronize it for reconciliation within Numara Track-It! 7. The data can also be easily updated if an asset moves.

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