Video Display Announces Quantum Ferroelectric NDIR Sensor

Video Display Corporation has announced a major breakthrough in infrared sensor and imaging technology by its R&D labs at Aydin Displays in Birdsboro, PA.

Researchers at Aydin Displays, a wholly owned subsidiary of Video Display Corporation, have submitted patent applications for a mid-range nondispersing infrared sensor (NDIR) utilizing a newly developed thin film detector coined "Quantum Ferroelectric" (QFE).

This QFE product development represents the culmination of an extensive research effort to discover an effective replacement for presently utilized crystalline detector materials. Currently used materials, such as DTGS (Water soluble Triglycine Sulphate crystalline materials) are costly, exhibit a short shelf life with relative instability before requiring recalibration and they have little resistance to moisture.

Aydin's proprietary Quantum Ferroelectric Copolymer NDIR sensors are not affected by the presence of moisture and have been successfully demonstrated as a direct replacement in existing commercial infrared gas sensing systems. Novel products utilizing the NDIR technology are scheduled to be available in the marketplace by early December 2006.

Encouraged by the initial success as a simple non-hygroscopic IR detector, Aydin's research staff continues to develop QFE as a viable broadband imaging sensor for direct view and 2D staring array applications employing an extended IR response. As an example of the wide application for the technological breakthrough, Aydin has signed teaming agreements with an environmental consortium to begin the incorporation of multispectral thermal band QFE detectors into airborne and space borne imaging Spectrometers functioning as hyper spectral image mappers programmed for extended thermal IR response.

Video Display Corporation designs, develops and manufactures unique solutions for display requirements for military, medical and industrial uses with emphasis on high-end training and simulation applications. Its product offerings include ruggedized CRT and AMLCD displays as well as complete projection display systems utilizing VDC's Marquee and ESCP line of projectors. Video Display Corporation operates eleven design and manufacturing plants plus eight sales facilities throughout the United States and Europe.

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