Nero Partners with Eicon Networks Corporation and ABP

Nero announces a partnership with Eicon Networks Corporation and ABP to offer retailers a complete Internet telephony solution for their customers. Nero's Sippstar Pro software and Eicon Diva Server cards will be bundled by ABP to create an attractive SMB level VoIP solution that distributors and VARs can more effectively present to their potential buyers.

Resellers carrying Sippstar Pro as a stand-alone piece of software are now able to sell a bundled server solution providing their customers with the ability to complete calls. The Nero - Eicon product bundle allows resellers to offer their customers the added value of a "one-stop shopping" option for creating a complete and powerful VoIP telephony system.

Sippstar Pro IP-PBX software was developed by Nero with the goal of providing SMBs a seamless transition from their legacy PBX to VoIP in order to save communication costs and resources. Sippstar Pro offers traditional PBX functions such as auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, call transferring etc, with additional features such as web-based end user and administrator access and SIP-based IP communication functionalities.

Eicon manufactures Diva Server multi-function communication adapters that offer connectivity via analog, ISDN Basic Rate (BRI), Primary Rate (PRI) as well as T1/E1 and Multi-PRI/E1/T1 interfaces. Eicon's Diva Server hardware, with on-board digital signal processors (DSPs), enables functionality such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and FAX over IP (FoIP).

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