ThoughtWorthy Media Debuts iDTV Music Engine

ThoughtWorthy Media has unveiled an entirely new way for viewers to identify, interact with, and purchase the music featured in their favorite TV shows. The company's all-new music engine represents a powerful upgrade to the company's technology platform first introduced on April 18, 2006.

With this latest release of the ThoughtWorthy Media iDTV technology platform, fans of both music and television will benefit from rich editorial content coupled with expansive music discovery options and a collaborative social environment.

Product highlights include:
- First-rate contextual content - ThoughtWorthy Media allows visitors to easily identify the music featured in their favorite TV shows and movies. However, the iDTV music engine goes well beyond the concept of a simple list of songs, by allowing fans to track their favorite songs and bands across multiple episodes, TV shows, movies, and commercials.
- Powerful search engine - visitors can search by artist, album, song, show, episode, music video, movie, and commercial.
- Improved social environment - in addition to existing community voting and product review capabilities, visitors can now fully express themselves through a series of topical discussion forums.

The announcement also marks the premiere of the ThoughtWorthy Media podcast sessions. From now through the rest of the summer, visitors to the website will be able to listen to an exclusive series of audio interviews with various bands and artists whose music has been featured on some of this year's most popular TV shows, including ABC's "Grey's Anatomy", CBS's "Criminal Minds", NBC's "Scrubs", and The CW's "One Tree Hill".

The Springfield, Missouri-based band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (SSLYBY to diehard fans) - whose catchy track "Oregon Girl" was featured on the April 27th episode of the FOX hit "The O.C." - kicks things off this week with the first interview. In-depth conversations with rapidly rising Southern California artists Michelle Featherstone, Dina D'Alessandro, and Tyrone Wells will follow, with additional artists scheduled to participate as the summer unfolds.

ThoughtWorthy Media has also teamed up with many of these artists to launch the "Summer 2006 Signed CD Giveaway" contest. Until August 1, 2006, all visitors to the website who complete the account registration process will be automatically entered into a contest to win one of 10 compact discs autographed by the album's artist. Complete rules are available at the company website.

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