Emerson's DeltaV System Software Version 8.4

Emerson Process Management enhanced DeltaV system software with the release of version 8.4 software. Included in this release is easier access to historical data, easier data backup, and an enhanced operator interface. This enables operators to more quickly access necessary key process parameters and respond more quickly to ongoing operational needs.

This release also provides for either scheduled or automated real-time data backups to historical database applications improving data integrity.

DeltaV SIS is at the heart of Emerson's smart Safety Instrumented System (SIS) solution. The fully TV-approved DeltaV SIS logic solver communicates with intelligent field devices using predictive field intelligence to reduce personnel exposure to hazardous areas and increase the overall process availability. It is integrated into the DeltaV system, sharing all of the same HMI, engineering and maintenance applications. But it has the separation required between control and safety systems per the IEC 61508 international safety standards, with dedicated logic solver modules and a dedicated safety network.

To assist you in your IEC 61511 safety compliance efforts, DeltaV SIS incorporates the same user management as the DeltaV system with repeat confirm dialog boxes based on user privileges. The logic solvers are rated for use in SIL 1, SIL 2, and SIL 3 applications and redundancy is available.

DeltaV Analyze makes it easy to improve operator effectiveness by assessing unusual alarm, event and operator activity. In the past, this activity required reviewing pages and pages of console logs or searching through thousands of spreadsheet entries. Often, fewer than 10 modules cause 40% or more of the alarm activations. So by addressing just a few alarms, you can significantly improve operator alarm loading.

DeltaV Analyze software identifies overview trends month to month for each plant area, and performs detailed time and control tag analysis. You can view alarm statistics to determine which alarms were active for long (or short) periods of time. The software also compares alarm activity with the recommended best practices from EEMUA publication 191, Alarm Systems document. This information is presented on structured Web pages for rapid, easy access throughout the facility. The interactive Web pages show the relationship among the many different aspects of alarms and events.
Whether you are in engineering or operations, DeltaV Analyze makes it possible to easily improve your plant's performance.

Remote I/O Zones 1 and 2 (Class 1, Div 2) provide for greater installation flexibility. DeltaV Remote I/O provides communication and control between the I/O and controllers. Unlike other remote I/O approaches, DeltaV Remote I/O can connect with multiple controllers to address even the toughest application requirements.

MDPlus Controller supports all the functionality of the MD, adding increased memory and extended temperature rating. For new DeltaV systems, this controller supersedes the MD controller. DIN-rail-mounted Bulk Power Supplies provide increased flexibility over standard off-the-shelf supplies. Simpler and much cleaner installations are possible due to the embedded load-sharing capabilities.

DeltaV PredictPRO for large applications increases the capability to address large applications up to 80 controlled variables and 40 manipulated variables. DeltaV PredictPro Optimization provides improved performance and new capabilities to address a wide range of optimization applications.

VCAT Archive and Restore provides archive functions for items managed in a Version Control and Audit Trail (VCAT) database for your regulatory compliance and analysis requirements. Archive the Version Control database based on either date or on number of versions to keep in the active database. You can also restore previously archived versions for individual items.

VCAT for DeltaV User Manager provides an audit trail containing user security operations performed in the DeltaV User Manager, for DeltaV database accounts only. The audit trail tracks creation of new DeltaV database accounts and account modifications and deletions by storing the date, time, user name, and description of the event in the Version Control Audit Trail database. New summary and detailed reports enable easy documentation of user accounts and privileges.

VCAT for Operator Interface Files provides the capability to manage changes to displays, dynamo sets, and schedules by retaining previous versions of these files. Version Control for DeltaV Operate uses the same rules and functionality as Version Control for configuration and user security.

Version Control for Graphics is a new option in version control, enabling the configuration engineer to track changes to DeltaV Operate graphics. It includes support for rollback, recover, purge and undo checkout.

Electronic Signatures provide accountability for operator writes (by requiring user names and passwords) to certain module parameters and fields, as required for regulatory and other compliance purposes. Electronic signatures are applied whether the change is initiated from DeltaV Operate or Control Studio Online, ensuring consistent enforcement. Parameters of database items can be configured to require a comment, confirm, and verify before a change of the parameter is executed.

Recipe Exchange adds the Delete Assignment method. This method deletes the assignment of the specified recipe from the Batch Executive of the specified workstations.

With DeltaV v8.3, ease-of-use and performance improvements have been incorporated into the DeltaV applications. Some of the highlights are:
- Diagnostics opens 10 times faster than before. Unit Module in Control Studio now opens 3 times faster.
- Text/graphic intensive module in Control Studio now opens 9 times faster.
- Module in Control Studio with 100 PID function blocks now opens twice as fast.
- A Save of a linked composite with block added can now be performed 3 times faster.
- All nodes in Diagnostics can now be scanned 3 to 4 times faster.
- AMS Foundation fieldbus can now be launched, transducer blocks opened, resource blocks opened, and parameters read twice as fast as before.
- From AMS Suite: Device Manager inside the DeltaV system, Resource and Transducer Block display call time is now 40% faster than ever before.

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