Kimono Cases for iPod with Video by Power Support

Power Support has introduced the newest addition to their line of iPod accessories - the Kimono Cases for iPod with video. This new line combines intricate designs and stunning aesthetics with the functionality and attention to detail that has made Power Support, in Japan, a top seller of accessories for Apple products for over a decade.

Inspired by majestic temples, gardens and palaces, Kyoto craftsmen and artists have been admired the world over for creating beautiful works of art for thousands of years. Within Kyoto lies the historic district of Gion, uniquely known for its living art, the Geisha. Famous for their beauty and revered for their mastery of dance and performance, the colors and elegance of the Geisha can now be wrapped snuggly around the user's iPod.
With iPod consumers known for their strong commitment to individuality and their passion for creativity, Power Support worked diligently to craft a product worthy of this creed. The resulting Kimono Case is as unique and artful as its intended user. Constructed of fine leather and authentic cotton kimono fabric, each case is cut individually, ensuring that no two cases are exactly alike. A fabric-covered insert is included to provide a custom fit, allowing this case to be used with either the 30GB or 60GB iPod with video. With ease-of-use in mind, all wheel functions and docking capabilities are fully accessible without removing the kimono - users simply unclasp the bottom button of the Kimono Case and proceed with normal docking procedures.

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