Toshiba Launches 2GB miniSD Memory Card for Cell Phones

Toshiba America Electronic Components and its parent, Toshiba Corporation, have announced an expanded line-up of large capacity miniSD Memory Cards with the introduction of a 2-gigabyte capacity card. The miniSD Card is much smaller than a standard SD Memory Card but delivers increasingly large capacity. Its primary application is in mobile devices with miniSD slots, but it can also be used in standard SD slots with an adapter.

With the addition of the new 2GB miniSD Card, Toshiba will expand a product line-up that already extends up to 1GB.

Key Features
1. The 2GB storage capacity is ideal for mobile phones with megapixel cameras and music player functions and is able to store up to 35 hours of music.
2. Maximum writing speed of approx. 5MB/s
3. Adopts CPRM advanced copyright protection function

Name of Product: 2GB miniSD Memory Card
Maximum Write Speed: 5MB/second
Compatible Interface: SD Memory Card standard compatible
Power Supply Voltage: 2.7 - 3.6V
Compatible Standard: SD Memory Card standard compatible
Exterior Dimensions: 20.0mm(W)-21.5mm(L)-1.4mm(T)
Weight Approx.: 1g.

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