Ultra High Brights Now Available in 10.4' and 12.1' Displays

To eliminate the viewing struggle caused by poor lighting conditions, VarTech Systems has created a variety of ultra high bright monitors. Previously these ultra high brights were only available in display sizes of 8.4" and 15" and greater. The display line has been expanded to include displays in 10.4" and 12.1" sizes. The ultra high bright display systems have been developed with an anti-reflective protective faceplate designed to increase the viewing quality and the strength of the display glass. The display image will remain crisp and clear in any lighting condition.

The 10.4" series is equipped with a 1200 nit XGA display with a 450:1 contrast ratio, and the 12.1" SVGA series has a luminance level of 1000 nits with a 500:1 contrast ratio. To ensure that your monitor optimally performs in all lighting conditions, you may choose to equip your display with an automatic dimming sensor. Capacitive or resistive touch screens are also available.

In order to seamlessly integrate with any application, the ultra high bright displays will be available in a variety of mounting options. These options will soon include NEMA 4 panel mount, VESA mount, yoke mount, console mount, and stainless steel NEMA 4X panel mount. Open frame chassis mount models are now being produced.

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