DataDirect XQuery 2.0 is Launched

DataDirect Technologies has released version 2.0 of DataDirect XQuery, the industry's first embeddable, database-independent component for processing and aggregating XML, relational and legacy data formats such as EDI and CSV. DataDirect XQuery v. 2.0 is an enterprise-grade XQuery engine that supports the latest working draft of the XQuery specification. This new release includes performance enhancements for large XML documents, added functionality for optimal query performance in any environment, and support for legacy data formats.

DataDirect XQuery 2.0 is suited for applications that must utilize a combination of XML, relational and legacy data formats for data integration, XML-based data exchange, Web services, XML-driven Web sites or XML publishing. The streaming XML adapter added to version 2.0 drastically reduces the amount of memory needed when processing large XML documents and provides the scalability needed for business critical applications. With the added support for flat file formats like EDI, CSV, binary, and more, DataDirect XQuery expands the role it plays in service-oriented data integration.

Like its 1.0 predecessor, DataDirect XQuery v. 2.0 provides fast, reliable and scalable XQuery support for all major relational databases and runs on any Java platform. The standards-based software product enables Java developers to access XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, or a combination of data sources using a single XQuery. This significantly simplifies data management and integration in a heterogeneous environment and enables developers to build high-performance applications more quickly and efficiently.

Server-agnostic and independent, DataDirect XQuery v. 2.0 supports the XQuery for Java API (XQJ) and is easily embedded into any Java program, providing software developers and independent software vendors alike with the ability to deal with XML either as part of a set of heterogeneous data sources or as the targeted format for a data-integration application.

For organizations that rely on Web-based applications for business success, DataDirect XQuery provides a reliable and easy-to-use tool for data aggregation and integration across multiple applications and sources. Gevity, a leading provider of employee management solutions, used DataDirect XQuery to support the development and deployment of its new customized pricing engine. This required Web developers to aggregate Web services from with relational data found in Oracle databases, integrated with an XML-based user interface.

Other key enhancements found in DataDirect XQuery v. 2.0 include:
- User-Configurable Performance Enhancements: To further optimize query performance, users now have greater control to choose optimizations for specific environments and configure these performance enhancements themselves.
- Extended Database Support: Additional database support has been included for Oracle 10gR2, Sybase 15 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
- Integration with Stylus Studio XML Deployment Adapters: This functionality enables Web developers to use DataDirect XQuery to query and integrate data sources that are not XML or relational.

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