Convergys Unveils New Software Testing Solutions

A new suite of software testing solutions from Convergys Corporation combining consulting services with automated testing software is now available to businesses seeking to strengthen their software testing capabilities. Convergys Testing Solutions combine professional services offerings with Convergys Easy Test, an automated software application testing tool. Businesses using Convergys Testing Solutions can enhance the quality of their products and services by thoroughly testing and verifying changes to mission-critical systems such as billing and customer care.

Under a contract signed recently with Convergys, SunCom Wireless is using Convergys Testing Solutions to bring complex voice and data pricing plans to market quickly. Convergys is providing testing consulting services in the form of software configuration, customization, project management, and system testing.

Initially, SunCom Wireless is using the Convergys Easy Test software to automate the building of new wireless price plans and services into the billing application hosted by Convergys. Convergys Easy Test has automated the recurring data entry tasks SunCom Wireless undertakes in creating and building new plans.

Convergys Easy Test is a uniquely intuitive software application testing tool that uses natural language test scripts that are table, data, and key word-driven. This tool enables companies to use less-technical personnel to create and execute complex, comprehensive end-to-end test scripts freeing up their highly experienced programmers to focus on the development of mission-critical applications. Convergys Easy Test offers improved application quality, quicker time to market by:

- Eliminating the need to write multiple scripts, therefore reducing testing timeframes.
- Enabling the restart of testing from the point of failure without the need for specific programming knowledge.
- Offering comprehensive testing across disparate systems from different vendors such as an order entry system, an inventory system, and a billing system.
- Enabling the testing of front-end (GUI) and back-end (server/APIs) processes within a single script.
- Providing a consistent approach that supports multiple platforms.

Additionally, with Convergys Easy Test, users have the ability to begin building automated test cases at the same time application software is being developed. A fully operational system is not required for testing to begin, as is the case with most conventional test tools. With the concurrent testing functionality of Convergys Easy Test, users can write test cases as soon as the requirements are defined.

Convergys Easy Test can be easily installed on a single PC as well as a network-based global system.

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