Slim RCA mp3 Hard Drive Players

With super-slim designs featuring chromed trim and negative 1.5" LCD displays, three new RCA mp3 hard drive players are now available, and each delivers more than 130 hours of entertainment on tiny four and six gigabyte hard disc drives. Suited for music gleaned from secure Internet music download and subscription services, the RCA H100, RCA H106 and RCA H116 are now available at mass merchant and specialty electronics retailers throughout the U.S.

Included with the H106 and H116 is an FM Transmitter for in-car use, so the consumer's digital music comes directly from the car speaker system. Weighing just under 2.7 ounces, the new RCA hard drive players are so small that they can hide behind a business card. Actual playback and recording time and available storage space will vary depending on system requirements, bitrate recording, and other factors.

Navigation and file selection are simple. Various functions including music playback, shuffle and sort options are identified with distinct icons and can be browsed using the centrally located jog wheel. Once loaded onto the player, music files can be viewed by artist, album, song title, genre or year with full ID3 tag support.

Compatible with recently released Windows Media Player v11.0 and also supporting Windows Media Players v10.0 and v9.0, the H100, H106 and H116 feature swift USB 2.0 connectivity, compatibility with Audible audio books (formats 2, 3, 4), Plays-For-Sure v1.2 functionality, and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) support for Windows XP. Both new players also offer navigation during music playback, on-board database building, a programmable sleep mode, and ability to build a playlist on-the-go right on the device (without relying on a PC).

The players can accommodate up to 16 hours of playback time with a battery that recharges from the USB connection to a PC. The H100, H106 and H116 each come with a full suite of accessories, including USB cable, earbud headphones, 100 free mp3 downloads from, a free trial offer from Yahoo! Music Unlimited and from, and music management software.

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