Coradiant's TrueSight 3.0 Real-User Monitoring Operating System

Coradiant has released its third-generation operating system for the company's TrueSight family of Real-User Monitoring (RUM) systems. Release 3.0 of the TrueSight operating system helps customers drill down faster and deeper into the root cause of Web errors and how to repair them.

TrueSight Release 3.0 provides broader alerting and reporting options and makes it easier to seamlessly integrate RUM technology with complementary tools for a more detailed, accurate and comprehensive view of Web site health and performance. It also further enhances Coradiant's support of Web applications, even those built with rich clients such as AJAX, Flash or Web services.

TrueSight Release 3.0 includes new Content Extraction functionality that collects specific content from pages. TrueSight parses the HTML, XML, or Web services content of any page and identifies meaningful data such as a specific error code, the dollar value of a transaction, or an XML message from an AJAX client. This data is retained as part of the user's history in the industry's most complete session transcript format. Content Extraction gives Web operations teams the data they need without compromising end-user confidentiality or violating privacy legislation.

TrueSight Release 3.0 also delivers new application programming interfaces (APIs) to third-party tools and infrastructure. These include the ability to transport summary or individual user activity transcripts to data warehouses reliably, and the ability to stream hits identified by Coradiant's unique Watchpoint grammar - such as login activity or specific searches - to business or operations dashboards in real time. The bulk data transport API allows other systems to extract TrueSight's raw transcript data for archival purposes or to load real-user data into third-party or custom reporting tools or enterprise wide data buses, while the streaming Watchpoints API enables infinitely customizable dashboards and applications that use TrueSight's rich real-user performance data.

The addition of these new APIs is an important step in Coradiant's ongoing initiative to integrate TrueSight with other key components of an IT organization's monitoring and analysis tools. TrueSight's real-user Web transaction monitoring data can conveniently be viewed right alongside equally important network infrastructure metrics such as application response times across the WAN, traffic flows and device performance.

Other key TrueSight Release 3.0 features include:
- Error-detection alerts: Alerts can be generated and sent as soon as errors are detected, reducing the amount of time it takes before an incident is noticed and resolved.
- Reporting: For less time-sensitive reporting, TrueSight sends pre-scheduled reports by email to any recipient's inbox, enabling TrueSight information to be shared beyond the Web operations team without having to establish special system-access accounts. In addition to email options, reports can also be sent to an intranet portal and easily re-published as HTML or Word documents.

The TrueSight 3.0 operating system is available immediately as an integral part of the company's TrueSight family of RUM system appliance, including the TS-1100, TS-520 and TS-300. Release 3.0 is available for free to all supported Coradiant customers.

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