Seabury APG Introduces APGDat+ with Route Forecasting Capability

Seabury Airline Planning Group has announced that it has added QSI-based route forecasting capabilities to its APGDat aviation data portal. The new product, called APGDat+, empowers users to test unlimited "what if" scenarios.

APGDat+ allows forecasts on over 800 airlines, with up to three daily round trip flights between any two commercial airports. APGDat+ employs the same technology used by route planners at technically sophisticated airlines. Forecasts run in just minutes, and users can modify assumptions on traffic and fare stimulations, diversion, code shares, connection time windows, circuity, QSI values, and other important factors.

Subscribers to APGDat+ can either access Seabury APG's proprietary seasonal market sizes and fares, or request custom-built market information created with industry-leading techniques that use multiple third-party aviation data sources.

The output from an APGDat+ forecast shows detailed information on passenger itineraries by market, expected onboard traffic, average fares, incremental traffic, as well as other important factors. Additionally, APGDat+ output provides comprehensive statistics on how user adjustments and assumptions affect the results of each forecast.

In addition to QSI forecasting capability, APGDat+ provides users complete access to APGDat, the industry standard in online aviation data. APGDat has over 100 current subscribers and provides schedule, fare, traffic, load factor, demographic, and carrier performance data in one easy-to-use application via the speed and convenience of the Internet.

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