Dassault Systemes Announces 3D for All Solutions

Dassault Systemes (DS) has announced the new release of 3D For All solutions, with the Virtools4 flagship product and 3D Office and 3D XE players. Since the acquisition of Virtools last year, DS has executed and expanded its 3D For All strategy and approach to bring life to 3D, delivering a unique platform, technologies and applications to truly share 3D Experiences everywhere.

This new 3D For All release, allowing users to imagine, share and experience highly interactive 3D content, provides major new enhancements and capabilities, including:
* Product-Context-Scenario (PCS) Paradigm: this new paradigm represents a highly intuitive means of capturing the 3D Experience and easily mapping product behaviour, as well as the experience of contextual environment scenarios. With PCS, the Virtools4 Life platform allows for the creation of virtual experiences such as driving, shopping, usage, maintenance, and marketing. Starting with this release, Virtools4 endorses the PCS paradigm.

* Corporate Intranet Solutions: Created for deployment on corporate intranets, two new products, 3D XE Player and 3D Office Player have been introduced. Based on the PCS paradigm, they bring the power of experiencing products and situations in context to both 3D specialists and non-3D specialists, thereby providing any players involved in enterprises' innovation processes with a common language to share 3D experiences, giving them a unique means to fully comprehend a product in the most intuitive way possible.

* 3D Experience Environment Pervasiveness: the Life platform extends the variety of target environments for deploying 3D Experiences and now supports Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS computers, Microsoft xBox and Sony PSP game consoles, intranets with 3D Office and 3D XE players, internet with 3D Life Player, as well as immersive environments. This scope underlines the diversity of possible deployments and provides various communities with a powerful solution to create and experience life content. In addition, important enhancements in the Virtools4 platform have been delivered for professional rendering. These now include new support of CgFX shaders for OpenGL 2.0, in addition to HLSL shader support for DirectX, which was already available in the last version.

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