VizUp Technology Announces VizUp Enterprise 2.1.6

VizUp Technology today announces the unveiling of VizUp Enterprise 2.1.6. VizUp polygon reducer helps you achieve an optimal balance between maintaining the necessary detail in a model and a file size that is sufficiently compact that users can download it in a reasonable amount of time.

VizUp supports the VRML 2.0/97 file formats (WRL) and StereoLitho (STL) import and export in the latest release. The application is very simple to use and requires no arcane knowledge to operate. Import your model and simply choose the level of polygon reduction from buttons located just above the viewing area of the application. Then choose the Reduce option from the pull-down menu. Model optimization is performed automatically.

VizUp Enterprise offers a batch mode reduction operation that allows you to perform model optimization according to a set of parameters for all files in a specified folder - a very useful capability when you're working with a large number of models.

You have an option not to set any parameters manually, in which case VizUp will automatically pick the most suitable ones for your particular model. You can save polygon-reduced models in the VIZUP file format, which retains the relevant reduction information so you can revisit the file later if you need a different reduction percentage for another purpose; you don't have to convert the model again unless the original has changed.

The process of optimization results in the deletion of some vertices, but it does not change the coordinates of the remaining vertices, resulting in minimal distortions during texture mapping.

VizUp Enterprise runs under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.

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