MetaCarta's GTS 3.5 is Available

MetaCarta has announced the general availability of GTS 3.5, the newest version of MetaCarta's geographic intelligence application for the enterprise. GTS 3.5 features automated search and notification capabilities, expanded regional search and enhanced visualization for trends analysis.

MetaCarta Geographic Text Search (GTS) is a comprehensive geographic search solution that enables users to rapidly locate high-relevance documents by combining text search with geographic and temporal factors. Geographic Data Modules (GDM) are knowledge bases utilized to identify and disambiguate geographic references, assign latitude/longitude coordinates, and rank.

Notable enhancements in GTS include automated search and notification, region search, 2-D analysis and visualization, and ESRI features:
* Automated Search and Notification - Geographic text queries can be saved and executed automatically at scheduled times providing a continual stream of geographic intelligence about a particular location. This eliminates the need for programmatic manual search, increasing productivity and streamlining efficiency. Notification of new intelligence resulting from the queries can be proactively sent to a user or set of users using email, RSS, instant messaging or active browser notification giving users the information they need, when and where they need it.

* Region Search - GTS 3.5 has expanded its search capabilities beyond a specific location to now include regions. It provides the ability to filter results based on a specific geo-political region, such as country, state, province or city further reducing the amount of time needed to review information to make an actionable decision.

* 2-D Analysis and Visualization - This advanced analysis and visualization feature allows users to see the distribution of an entire geographic text search results set. Users can determine trends and see hotspots, which creates a more complete picture and thus facilitates better decisions.

* ESRI Enhancements - GTS 3.5 offers new ease-of-use and security features for ESRI users including support for Active Directory, improved Windows docking, collection selection and export to an ESRI Shapefile.

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