Imation's New Removable Hard Disk Drive

Imation has announced its new removable hard disk drive (RHDD) technology - an ultra-reliable RHDD backup cartridge for companies seeking entry-level, disk-based data storage options. The Odyssey solution is the latest addition to Imation's family of removable hard disk solutions, which includes the Ulysses technology, the first disk-enhanced removable media cartridge; and the Micro Hard Drive, an extremely portable 4GB USB storage device. With superior cartridge design and performance capabilities, the Imation Odyssey solution truly sets a new standard for small-to-mid-sized business (SMB) users.

The Odyssey cartridge contains a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive and the Odyssey docking station fits into any 3.5-inch drive bay, creating a solution that enables efficient and low-cost backup. The solution can be used with any drag-and-drop Windows based system, including the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Vista as well as most storage management software packages offered by independent software providers.

Key benefits of Imation's Odyssey solution over other technologies include:
- Cartridge reliability and shock resistance - The Odyssey cartridge was designed to withstand high shock forces by adding protection in especially vulnerable areas. Imation's Odyssey cartridge is the only cartridge able to withstand a 39-inch fall without exceeding HDD manufacturers' maximum shock specifications.
- Connector reliability - Competitive products typically utilize connectors designed for one insertion; however, Imation's Odyssey solution utilizes reliable enterprise-class connector technology developed for the Imation Ulysses disk-enhanced tape solution, rated for up to one million insertions.
- Integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection - Imation's Odyssey cartridge incorporates ESD protection into the cartridge material itself which provides a means to minimize static build-up and safely dissipate static charges caused by media cartridge handling. Because hard disk drives contain sensitive electronic components, excessive static build-up and subsequent static discharge can lead to data loss. The Odyssey cartridge meets both anti-static and static-dissipative specifications which also minimizes dust accumulation.
- Soft-load mechanism - Shock and vibration from spring-loaded manual cartridge insertion is a looming problem in today's lighter weight server configurations. The Odyssey solution features a soft-load mechanism typically associated with higher-duty cycle products, which eliminates excessive shock and vibration during load and unload.

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