PointSecure Releases PointAudit Version 5.2

PointSecure has announced the availability of PointAudit version 5.2, providing a non-intrusive, easy-to-use security auditing solution for HP OpenVMS running on HP Integrity servers.

Running from a PC, PointAudit provides a no-impact solution that simplifies and automates security auditing and administration. PointAudit scans HP OpenVMS systems to provide detailed information and reports on file security, system settings, user profiles, installed products, and patches - enabling security managers, auditors, or OpenVMS administrators to quickly and easily determine if their HP OpenVMS security settings are in compliance with corporate security policies, government regulations, or industry best practices.

PointAudit helps Open VMS security administrators and auditors:
- Quickly and easily identify exposures and weaknesses
- Identify resources that are out of compliance
- Ensure regulatory compliance for security mandates such as HIPAA and GLBA
- More quickly resolve issues using out of-the-box recommendations
- Establish baseline security standards

PointAudit version 5.2 offers:
- Auditing and support for HP Integrity servers running HP OpenVMS 8.2 and above.
- Support for layered product patches. PointAudit will check for the layered product patches that are available from HP and compare to the patches that are installed on the system.
- Identification of individual patches that are installed with any HP OpenVMS update.
- Modified installation procedure that will better accommodate installations on foreign systems.

PointSecure has worked closely with HP to support the Integrity server platform, which is designed to meet the most demanding performance and scalability requirements.

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