MessageLabs Announces Version 2.0 of Its Web Security Services

MessageLabs has announced the launch of version 2.0 of its Web Security Services. The new services have been developed on a proprietary MessageLabs web scanning architecture and feature full integration with MessageLabs existing email and IM services and address the key business issues surrounding Internet use in the workplace: security, organizational compliance, and policy control.

At the heart of this integration is MessageLabs Skeptic technology, which has proven uniquely successful in stopping threats such as viruses, trojans, spam and phishing attacks across other communication channels. Skeptic allows the introduction of Converged Threat Analysis, taking recent threat and reputation information from other protocols, such as email, and applying that knowledge to web traffic, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and protection for MessageLabs customers.

Increasingly, threats are converging across email, web, and IM. MessageLabs Intelligence analysis has recently seen more evidence of spammers employing spyware to make their campaigns more effective. There has also been a growing trend towards email and IM containing links to websites where malware or spyware is automatically downloaded, as opposed to the traditional method where the message itself has a piece of malware attached.

The MessageLabs Web Security Services version 2.0 offers enterprise level functionality designed for global stability and scalability to meet an organization's needs with minimal maintenance or management required and without the inconvenience or additional cost of traditional software or hardware solutions.

- Global load balancing across MessageLabs data centers optimizes all web traffic filtering and provides automatic, network level redundancy and failover
- Service Level Agreements for service availability
- Easy configuration and deployment
- Unmatched Protection from Web-Based Threats
- Full integration with MessageLabs proprietary technology, Skeptic, to identify and stop new or unknown threats
- Converged Threat Analysis, taking recent threat and reputation information from other protocols such as email and applying that knowledge to web traffic
- Multiple commercial anti-virus and anti-spyware scanners to stop known threats
- Full Integration with Other MessageLabs Services
- Integrated management interface and comprehensive on demand reporting (summary and detailed reports), auditing and dashboard
- Directory synchronization, to allow administrator-defined user and group information to be shared with the service for policy and reporting purposes and a common structure for configuration across services and protocols
- 24/7 service and support spanning all services

MessageLabs Web Security Services version 2.0 will be sold as two services:
- MessageLabs Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Helps keep organizations safe, protecting them from known and unknown web-based malicious code threats and malware, including viruses, trojans, backdoors, browser exploits, phishing sites, spyware and adware. The service provides multi-layered protection combining best of breed technology with MessageLabs own proprietary Skeptic technology.
- MessageLabs URL Filtering Helps keep organizations productive, enforcing acceptable use policies for web browsing and facilitating relevant regulatory and legislative compliance by monitoring and controlling Internet content into and out of the organization. The service is highly configurable and allows for various URL category-and content-based policies, providing greater control while protecting employees and corporate reputation.

MessageLabs Web Security Services version 2.0 will be available worldwide on July 3, 2006.

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