YourSpins Launches Interactive Music Network

After a period of closed beta-testing, is now open to everyone. Free membership of the site gives fans access to music that can be remixed in real-time, using simple patented software. Mixes can be saved to the community, listened to, commented on and rated by other community members.

Together with opening up the website, YourSpins is also releasing a free authoring tool which allows members to create their own interactive music tracks which can then be interpreted in endless ways by the YourSpins community.

YourSpins offers a variety of ways to enjoy the interactive music experience, including a Windows Media Player plug-in ('Digimpro Interactive Mixer') which is featured on theMicrosoft site. This software has already been downloaded over 50.000 times.

YourSpins also offers fans the ability to cut out their favourite part of their favourite mix and create a unique, personal ringtone.

YourSpins is based on technology developed by Digimpro which has won a number of innovation awards for its fresh approach to interactive music. Artists who have recorded in Digimpro's format have been impressed with the opportunities it offers fans with Moby saying "Anyone can see the benefits. It's simple, interactive and rewarding".

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