TOA Technologies Releases ETAdirect 3.01

TOA Technologies has announced the release of their ETAdirect 3.01 service fulfillment solution, which features a number of user interface upgrades to further enhance usability and continue to reduce training time.

ETAdirect 3.0 was the first truly holistic software application suite for fulfillment of field service delivery management, offering companies worldwide a better way to manage their mobile workforce while dramatically improving customer service. The software, which is 100 percent Web-based and requires no installation, combines the most advanced mobile workforce management technology available with interactive customer communications.

Version 3.01 takes advantage of Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology to provide an even greater usability, interactivity and speed than earlier versions. Tasks require fewer screen changes than before, which makes the system both faster and even easier to use than previous versions. Additionally, users are able to reach a high level of proficiency with ETAdirect 3.01 faster than ever before, which further reduces training time and enhances ROI.

The improvements to this release were implemented as a result of customer research among existing users. TOA solicited comments from current users and integrated those comments and requests in the latest release.

ETAdirect 3.01 leverages the Internet to increase flexibility and reduce costs, as well as dramatically reduce staff training time. Field employees can also access TOA's customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating the need for many calls to local office personnel, further improving efficiency.

Companies that have implemented previous versions of ETAdirect have seen an immediate return on investment through improved routing and scheduling, fewer missed customer appointments and superior job tracking and reporting.

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