MoQvo Unleashes the Power of RSS for the Masses

MoQvo (Mo-Q-Vo) have announced the launch of their interactive social network that offers internet users a better way to view, organize, create and share online content regardless of format (text, audio, video, blogs, etc.). Finally, there is an entirely web-based platform that enables members to access their information at home, work, or wherever and whenever they are online, regardless of the platform or browser. Founded by John Detwiler, the site creates a forum catering to the needs and interests of consumers that aim to be "in the know". Its unique format allows a vast network of users to connect to their particular interests and share information on the internet. MoQvo has over 3.000 commercial feeds currently available, with new affiliates and partners being added everyday.

The continual growth of the internet has generated a mainstream desire for a related environment that is both informational and interactive. MoQvo offers its users a TV-like experience with an easy format that eliminates hyperlinks. MoQvo is also based on a common architecture that includes category, channel, show, episode, and is flash-based to work on any platform. Additionally, the website features an interactive "My MoQvo" functionality where users can easily create their own personal selection of content.

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