Tricastmedia Issues Tricast Mail

Tricastmedia launches their flagship messaging application Pegasus and re-branding of the Pegasus mail product to "Tricast Mail", the first email service for Java-enabled mobile phones with easy real-time access to POP3/IMAP and other webmails such as Yahoo! and Google's Gmail.

With Tricast Mail, customers can make more productive use of their time spent away from their desks or out of the office with easy access to business or personal emails. Tricast Mail is designed to give our customers the flexibility to customize a solution that best meets both their productivity needs and personal lifestyle.

The small and compact J2ME application provides full-featured email available to every customer that wants improved productivity, enabling a powerful user experience with quick and secure access whether retrieving email from a corporate office or a personal/webmail account.

The rich user interface and many advanced features such as SSL for secure messaging, access to POP3/IMAP4, AOL Mail, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, Google's Gmail, and Fastmail, bring PC email experience to the mass market consumer phones. Consumers no longer need a Blackberry device or an expensive high end smartphones to read their mails, Tricast Mail provides swift and rapid performance for the tasks that are most fundamental to users - receiving, reading and composing email on the go.

In addition, mobile operators can affordably connect their subscribers to the world's most popular and established web mail services - AOL Mail, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, Google's Gmail, Fastmail or any other portal/ISP email services. Tricastmedia's innovative mobile messaging solution also enables carriers, internet service providers (ISPs), content providers (CPs) to affordably deliver a branded mobile email solution to its subscribers and generates incremental revenue from the wireless email services.

Tricast Mail is available on all Java-based MIDP 2.0 phones, including the recently released Nokia N80, N91, Samsung D800, Z540, and will be available for new phones as they launch.

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