ILOG Introduces ILOG JViews 7.5

ILOG has announced ILOG JViews 7.5, the latest version of ILOG's Java graphics tools suite featuring industry-first support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) combined with other new features aimed at enhancing the Web user's experience. Using the new ILOG JViews product suite, Java developers can build visually-rich interactive user displays more quickly, while leveraging the latest industry standards for improving Web interactivity and usability.

The new JViews product suite, which includes JViews Diagrammer 7.5, JViews Charts 7.5, JViews Gantt 7.5, JViews Maps 7.5, JViews Maps for Defense 7.5 and JViews TGO 7.5, is available immediately.

AJAX support across the entire JViews product line means more flexible behavior and higher performance for a wide range of Web interfaces - from charts, to business process/workflow and network management displays. AJAX, a development technique for creating interactive Web applications, enhances the Web user's experience by generating images more quickly because it eliminates the need to constantly refresh Web pages every time a user makes a change. This feature means that users can save up to 50 percent CPU processing power when loading and displaying graphically-rich Web pages.

An industry-first enhancement in the new JViews release is the ability to deliver rich dynamic charts in real-time based on AJAX, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and JavaServer Faces (JSF) technologies. This capability allows business users to more easily visualize and manage large data sets with faster performance compared with other chart display options.

Underscoring ILOG's commitment to providing one-stop shopping for high-end graphics and visualization tools, ILOG JViews 7.5 has further extended the product line to include support for more diagrams, maps and chart types compared with the previous release. Major enhancements include:
- New Treemap charts in JViews Charts 7.5. Aimed at market and data analysis and business intelligence applications, these charts use native partitioning, analysis techniques and drill-down behavior to enable business users to visualize, browse and understand large, multi-dimensional information sets.
- A new Mapping engine in ILOG JViews Maps 7.5 along with a Map Builder feature that allows developers to easily create customized map views. Other new features address performance and include features to load, display and manipulate huge map datasets quickly. The new release also includes support for new types of maps, such as GeoTiff, Tiger, MapInfo, GTOPO30, and DTED.
- New three-dimensional (3D) terrain views with military symbology have been added to the JViews Maps for Defense product, enabling a synchronized display of terrain and tactical information between 2D and 3D maps.
- New day and month calendar views have been added to the JViews Gantt Chart module. Similar to widely-used calendar programs, these new views allow users to better manage complex planning and scheduling activities.
- Improvements in the JViews TGO 7.5 (Telecom Graphic Objects) release include an improved look and feel with more realistic depictions of network elements, and more customization options. TGO was the first graphical product to be certified for OSS (Operations Support Systems) for Java Quality of Service, with the certification updated for this latest release.

Through its Java, .NET and C++ graphics libraries and components, ILOG provides the industry's most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated, interactive user displays. ILOG's graphics products enhance decision making speed and ability by making vast quantities of complex data more comprehensible and manageable for users. With each of ILOG's visualization products, developers can save 50 to 80 percent of development time in creating displays.

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