New Version of Captaris RightFax

Captaris has announced the release of Captaris RightFax 9.3. The latest version of the fax server and electronic document delivery solution includes significant enhancements in enterprise performance, scalability and user administration, with faster document delivery speeds, better support for disaster recovery scenarios, and an updated web access client.

Key Features and Benefits:
- A new database consolidation feature. Multiple RightFax application servers will be able to share a single instance of the RightFax SQL Database, offering significant improvements in user administration, load balancing, data redundancy, and support for disaster recovery scenarios.
- An XML-based tool to synchronize company data to RightFax from Microsoft Active Directory or the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, this drastically reduces administration time and ensures more accurate data synchronizations. The new Microsoft Active Directory integration does not require an update to the company's existing schema.
- Several enhancements to the RightFax Web Access client that make it even easier to deploy and to use.
- Performance enhancements to inbound document processing that will benefit companies seeing increased document traffic entering their organization. RightFax 9.3 uses Microsoft SQL Server to manage the receive queue, adding even more reliability, better performance and load balancing.
- A new server application, built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, provides a faster and more efficient conversion of Microsoft Office documents into faxes.
- Support for multiple dedicated SMTP gateways for inbound or outbound fax processing, which will improve document delivery speed and eliminate processing delays.
- Updates to Eicon fax board support including call blocking, inbound routing and enhanced use of CSID.

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