Siafu Software Ships Swarm iSCSI Storage Appliances

Siafu Software has announced the first customer shipments of the company's flagship iSCSI storage appliances - called "Siafu Swarms". The first family of storage appliances built to take maximum advantage of Microsoft's industry-leading software iSCSI initiator that is included without extra charge in Windows operating systems, Siafu Swarms provide affordable storage and high-end storage services to Microsoft, Linux, Solaris and NetWare servers.

Siafu is proving that world-class data protection doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Using standard Microsoft Multipath I/O to manage fault-resistant paths to data, Siafu Software's IP storage appliances can be installed using in-place Ethernet LAN components and RAID 61, a new level of protection for data that can reside in the server room or at the disaster recovery site.

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