Faronics Power Save Mac is Available

Faronics announces the release and immediate availability of Faronics Power Save Mac, an intelligent utility that effectively controls and manages Macintosh energy usage throughout an enterprise. Organizations can see significant energy savings by using Power Save Mac by scheduling their computers to log off, restart, shut down, or start up at specified times on a one-time or repeating basis.

The utility is conveniently installed as a preference pane within the Mac OS X System Preferences, and has an integrated inactivity monitor that can automatically cause computers to log out, shutdown or restart after a specified number of minutes of inactivity. This ensures that even if a Power Save event has not been scheduled, your Macs will user power as efficiently as possible.

Power Save Mac also integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), allowing administrators to deploy a customized power saving configuration package to a single or multiple computers. ARD also offers the ability to manage the application remotely through Power Save-specific tasks.

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