World's First Integrated MPEG-2 Digital Video Re-Encoding Solution

Harmonic has introduced the ProStream 1000, a versatile video stream processing platform, with Mentor technology, the world's first complete single box MPEG-2 digital video re-encoding solution. With Harmonic's new solution, operators can more efficiently process pre-compressed video acquired from various sources into constant bit-rate (CBR) streams that can be efficiently delivered via a narrowcast service infrastructure. The ProStream 1000 with Mentor re-encoding technology - which is suited for video-on-demand (VOD), network personal video recorder (nPVR), switched digital broadcast and digital turnaround applications - reduces capital and operating expenditures while providing outstanding picture quality.

Intensifying competition and a shift toward an increasingly personalized, on-demand viewing experience mean that efficiently repurposing real-time broadcast programming and other pre-encoded video content for VOD and emerging narrowcast services is paramount. The ProStream 1000 with Mentor technology offers unparalleled density and flexibility. It supports the operator's growing need to generate high quality CBR content for on-demand applications by processing up to 16 standard definition channels in a compact one rack-unit form factor. The Mentor technology also gives the operator greater control of the video output by selecting from a variety of horizontal video resolutions and MPEG-2 group of picture (GOP) structures.

Until now operators have relied on two general methods of digital content re-processing to generate streams for their narrowcast services: decoding/encoding or rate shaping. The ProStream 1000 provides a simple, high-value solution with the convenience of multiple functions within a single system. In comparison to the complete decode/encode solution, which typically entails added cost and complexity, and rate shaping, which offers more limited bit-rate reductions and more quickly impacts video quality, ProStream delivers greater versatility, better quality, and more bandwidth efficiency. In addition to the robust video processing capabilities of the ProStream 1000, it also has a full-featured, integrated multiplexing capability to efficiently combine programs acquired via the system's IP and ASI interfaces.

Separately, Harmonic is introducing a version of the basic ProStream 1000 platform that incorporates its ProCipher IP-based scrambling technology to provide a unique, integrated and high performance bulk encryption and video multiplexing solution. The ProStream 1000 with ProCipher is essential for protecting premium broadcast video content in a variety of network architectures. Both the ProStream 1000 with Mentor re-encoding and the ProStream 1000 with ProCipher are monitored and controlled by Harmonic's innovative NMX Digital Service Manager.

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