Equisys Releases Zetadocs PDF 3

Equisys will release the latest version of its network-capable PDF software, Zetadocs PDF 3, at Inbox/Outbox at London Excel, June 21-22. Zetadocs PDF 3 can be used to merge any number of business documents into a single PDF file that can be emailed instantly to multiple recipients. One of the most useful new features of Zetadocs PDF 3 is the Outlook Add-in, which lets users create PDFs instantly and automatically ‘on the fly’ when sending Microsoft Office attachments directly from within Microsoft Office Outlook.

The Outlook Add-in allows multiple Office documents to be merged together. It can, for instance, convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents and merge them to the same PDF document.

Business documents that are created using Zetadocs PDF can be password-secured by default to prevent unauthorized editing, printing or opening by recipients. This gives the document originator control over the distribution and readership of the document, and added peace of mind, especially if the document contains sensitive, confidential, legal, commercial or personal information.

As well as offering secure email delivery, Zetadocs PDF 3 includes a new ‘Scan-to-PDF’ feature which lets users transform paper documents into PDF files through a scanning interface.

Zetadocs can be integrated with other applications e.g. CRM / Accounts packages to automate the production of batches of business documents from these systems for sending by email and fax.

Zetadocs PDF solves a range of everyday document production problems faced by businesses in the normal course of business. Its core value is in automating, speeding up and reducing the costs of document production and delivery.

Zetadocs benefit Zetadocs supporting feature(s):

1. Concern about document security
• Zetadocs lets users send any type of business document securely, eliminating the risk of modification or copying by recipients.
• Automatic conversion of Microsoft Office email attachments.
• Template-driven document automation lets users build and send PDF documents automatically as emails using pre-set specifications.
• Parts e.g. specific pages of entire documents can be sent.

2. Slow and inaccurate customer service
• Saves time so customer issues are resolved faster.
• Standard document format ensures consistency.
• Central document management ensures use of current version.
• Multi-part documents can be assembled and delivered quickly from resources stored on network.
• Template-driven process automatically creates PDF file to a pre-set specification.
• Pages can be arranged in specific order according to customer requirements.
• Personalized email can be added to the message.
• Automatic archiving records customer communication accurately in a central location.

3. Wasted time spent on searching for documents.
• Time spent searching for important documents is reduced.
• Employee productivity is improved.
• Allows fast access to important documents e.g. Terms of Business, stored in shared network libraries.
• Automatic archiving records customer communication in a central location.

4. Increasing support requirements
• Minimal deployment, training and management overhead.
• Outlook add in means that users work with the desktop productivity tools already in use within your organisation.
• WYSIWYG user interface is intuitive to use and requires no minimal training.
• Centralized deployment and user management keeps Network Administrators overhead low

5. Increasing cost of production and delivery of paper documents
• Virtually eliminates document production costs
• Ability to integrate with ERP and CRM systems enables automatic sending of batches of documents such as statements, invoices and personalized info packs by email and fax
• Automatic archiving reduces paper storage costs

6. Incompatible format of received files can inconvenience recipients
• Recipients do not require access to the authoring application
• Documents from different applications can be combined into a single PDF file and forwarded to other users
• Faxes can be sent to recipients with no access to a computer
• Scan-to-PDF feature allows paper documents to be converted and managed within Zetadocs.

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