cVidya's MoneyMap

cVidya Networks has announced the availability of a solution for IPTV services based upon its flagship product, MoneyMap/Suite. This makes cVidya the first vendor to provide a revenue assurance solution for IPTV. The solution covers both active and proactive aspects of revenue assurance, making it particularly important at the IPTV service deployment stage. cVidya's solution was recently validated as the revenue assurance component of the IPTV Catalyst project presented by the TeleManagement Forum in Nice.

The business of IPTV has lately become one area in which revenue assurance is especially critical. As CSP's focus their efforts on IPTV deployment to gain market share, the support systems infrastructure receives lower attention, and they find themselves increasingly exposed to financial risks resulting from data and process integrity issues. Furthermore, information and revenue flows now must be managed between a growing number of content providers and other partners, in addition to the network and consumers. The complex relationships between various content and service providers on one hand, and the increasing demand for rapid provisioning and high quality delivery of new services on the other, have emphasized the need for a holistic approach to revenue assurance. Drawing on its market insight and experience in revenue assurance methodology, cVidya has created a solution, based on its MoneyMap /Suite, employing the full scale of revenue assurance techniques to address the revenue assurance and data integrity challenges associated with IPTV.

cVidya's MoneyMap Revenue Assurance Solution enables operators to correlate and consolidate information from all network, operations and business systems. Through an ongoing process, it automatically detects problem areas in which profit margins are decreasing as a result of revenue leakage, data inconsistencies or resources are not being used efficiently, leading to substantial revenue loss. Once MoneyMap identifies the areas of revenue leakage and resource inefficiency, operators can promptly correct and manage the problems to achieve profit maximization.

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