Sagem's Cisco Compatible XMediusFAX Fax Server Software

Sagem Interstar Corporation unveils its Cisco Compatible XMediusFAX fax server (FoIP) software. The boardless XMediusFAX FoIP solution suite enables users to send and receive faxes like email. In a unified messaging deployment, faxes share a common inbox along with email and voicemail.

XMediusFAX faxes are legally-binding and create an audit trail for SOX and HIPAA compliance. Confidential faxes are routed directly to intended recipients' email inboxes or secure printers. Certified to interoperate with Cisco VoIP gateways, XMediusFAX provides desktop faxing or fax broadcasting within a VoIP network equipped with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes email messaging platforms without requiring the purchase of fax boards.

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