Basic Online Services for PlayStation 3 Will Get No Charge

The boss of Sony's computer arm says that there will be no charge for basic online services for Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 3. Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has underlined that his firm was aiming to gain healthy revenue from downloadable content for the machine, but some features would be free of any charge. Speaking to the Japanese language site Game Impress, Mr Kutaragi said: "You can't charge money for network matching and other basic services. These things are just taken for granted on the PC.

"On the PS3, basic services will be taken for granted while content will be the bread and butter of our business". He also added that online distribution of material had been a capability that Sony had wanted to pursue for some time. "We really wanted to do this with the PS2, but now Apple has realised a successful e-distribution program, it's about time we made our move, too", he explained.

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