Redknee Releases Unified Rating and Charging System

Redknee has announced the general availability of its Unified Rating and Charging System (URCS) for network operators worldwide. With Redknee's flexible and modular URCS product, operators are able to offer subscribers more personalised services and bundled plans for charging all subscriber transaction as they occur in real-time. This applies to any type of account, including prepaid, postpaid and hybrid accounts such as family and community plans, plus any type of service such as voice, messaging, data or content. URCS accomplishes this through a robust set of rating options.

URCS is a flexible system that allows operators to evolve with the pace of subscriber demand by providing subscribers with an unprecedented level of personalisation. It allows subscribers to mix and match any combination of voice, messaging, data and content services they want. Subscribers are able to access billing details in real-time, anytime, with full visibility.

With real-time balance management, URCS lets subscribers take advantage of up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their usage and expenditures. Operators have the ability to verify usage limits and view account balance status in real-time before authorising services and deploying point-of-service pricing. This helps operators build stronger relationships with subscribers by providing instant notification of depleted account balances and encourages subscribers to top up their accounts before they are completely out of funds.

Rather than requiring operators to replace existing solutions, URCS complements an operator's existing billing infrastructure by enabling new capabilities when new services and charging models are introduced. It converges all provisioning, transaction, charging and rating for supported services such as voice, data, messaging and content under a single system, and most importantly, in real-time.

Redknee will be exhibiting at CANTO's 22nd Annual Telecommunications Conference and Trade Exhibition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, June 18 to 21, 2006 to discuss its Unified Rating and Charging System.

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