Lego Mindstorms NXT Drives Robotics In 2006

…LEGO are at the forefront of control technology.. stated one regional paper in May 2006. Boys Toys Magazine describes Mindstorms NXT as " at its best..", with Stuff magazine describing NXT as "unstoppable". With only 3 months to go until this year's most hotly anticipated tech toy lands on shelves in the UK, LEGO Mindstorms NXT is already building on its existing core fan base and building a new generation of Mindstorms enthusiasts.

The first (and certainly not the last) book to be written on Mindstorms NXT has just been published in the US: Maximum Lego NXT: Building Robots with Java Brains and LEGO recently announced that, for the first time, LEGO is releasing as open source the firmware of the Lego Mindstorms microprocessor – the new NXT brick – the core component of its next generation robotics toolset. Additionally, the company announced that it will release Software, Hardware and Bluetooth Developer Kits to its growing global audience of robotics enthusiasts.

2006 also marks the introduction of the LEGO Mindstorms Developer Program, an initiative designed to recruit an exclusive group of enthusiasts charged with helping guide the product development process. Realising the value of having direct input from consumers into the development of Mindstorms NXT, chosen participants from across the globe have access to a secure Web forum where they can communicate with one another, learn more about the project, debate issues, create solutions and support the ultimate launch of Lego Mindstorms NXT in September.

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