Availigent's Duration 2.1 Now Supports HP Linux-Based XC Clusters

Availigent has announced that its Duration 2.1 software is now available for HP XC System Software V2.1. Duration ensures less than five minutes downtime a year for process management and job scheduling services and functions within XC environments through its automatic fault detection and recovery capability. Availigent said Duration will also support the recently released XC 3.0 software and is collaborating with HP to support releases planned for later this year.

Availigent's Duration achieves 5Nines availability, meaning less than five minutes application downtime a year, through its unique, systems-level architecture. Requiring no modifications to the Linux kernel or to applications, Duration offers stateful end-to-end recovery of multi-tier applications, usually within seconds. Duration keeps applications running so users are unaware that a malfunction occurred. Therefore, the enterprise is not compromised by a system failure, workers do not lose productivity and customers of web-based businesses are not disrupted.

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