Nyko Announces the FM Trans Kit for iPod Nano

Nyko Technologies introduces the FM Trans Kit for the Apple iPod Nano. Nyko's latest iPod offering is suited for music fans who groove to their favorite tunes in the car and are looking for a complete package to compliment their iPod Nano.

The versatile FM Trans Kit combines a high powered, four frequency, FM transmitter, a car charger and three different mounting options. The high-quality FM transmitter broadcasts music through the car stereo; tuning is simple with the product's one-touch operation making it safe to operate while driving. Matching the look and feel of the Nano's design, the kit is powered by the iPod Nano's battery or the included car charger. Users also have the ability to simultaneously recharge the iPod and listen to music. The charger conveniently plugs into any car power outlet or lighter. The FM Trans Kit's adhesive backed clip, horizontal/vertical air vent clip and sun visor clip all offer different mounting solutions that will work with any vehicle's interior.

The FM Trans Kit features:
- Four frequency FM transmitter
- Car charger that plugs into any vehicle's power outlet or lighter adaptor
- Three different mounting brackets for convenience
- One-touch operation tuning promotes safe operation while driving
- Powered by the Nano battery
- Slick design - FM transmitter matches the look and feel of the iPod Nano
- Apple licensed "Made for iPod" product.

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