Sony's First DivX Certified Portable DVD Player is Announced

Sony of Canada DivX have announced that Sony's new DVD Walkman portable DVD player is fully DivX Certified, allowing users to playback DivX videos on the go. DivX is a digital media format that enables video to be compressed so that it uses only a fraction of the amount of data required by a standard-length DVD for secure playback on PCs and millions of consumer electronics devices. The new ultra-compact D-VE7000S, a slimline tablet-design DVD player with a seven-inch widescreen LCD and embedded rechargeable battery, supports a wide range of playback disc formats. The DVD Walkman offers Dolby Digital surround sound and dts digital output with selectable video in/out for connecting to a camera, game system or television.

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. DivX Certified products enable consumers to create, play and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms. More than 35 million DivX Certified devices have shipped from the world's leading brands.

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