Quest Software Releases Comparison Suite 1.0 for SQL Server

SQL Server database administrators are faced with specific challenges, including verifying database replication processes, version control, troubleshooting and server setting migrations. In order to help DBAs with these tedious and time-consuming tasks, Quest Software has announced the release of Quest Comparison Suite. The suite comprises three new tools that further extend the breadth and depth of Quest Software's award-winning SQL Server product line. This new suite of tools allows DBAs to compare and synchronize the schema, data and server settings of two SQL Server environments. Today Quest also announced other new additions to its comprehensive support for the Microsoft platform including new versions of its products for Active Directory.

Quest Comparison Suite for SQL Server includes:
- Quest SchemaCompare - Identifies, scripts and synchronizes schema differences between two database structures.
- Quest ServerCompare - Identifies, scripts and deploys server settings, such as configurations, DTS packages and logins, between two environments.
- Quest DataCompare - Identifies, scripts and inserts data to synchronize the contents of two databases.

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