Business Solve Introduces Hotdesk Manager

Hot desking is set to become a reality for thousands more employers and employees following the launch of Business Solve's Hotdesk Manager, an effective means of managing a company's Hot Desk or Flexible Seating facilities. Available now, Hotdesk Manager has been successfully trialled in the UK and across Europe, where the user community has stated that the cost savings in terms of real estate, energy and support services are considerable.

Hotdesk Manager enables employees to book hot desks and other essential office resources in advance via a Web Browser or Touch Screen panel. With its ease of use, Business Solves states that Hotdesk Manager could be the catalyst that encourages more organisations to adopt the practice, as the ability to pre-book a designated hot desk negates the main objection to hot desking; the uncertainty of knowing what work-related resources and hot desks will be available upon arrival at work.

Long term, Business Solve claims that hot desking, combined with remote working, helps companies successfully address many of the mission-critical issues facing businesses today, including; the need to reduce facilities-related operating costs, to maintain staff motivation, and to demonstrate true Corporate Citizenship by addressing environmental concerns.

By providing employees with the tools and facilities to hot desk easily, organisations can successfully nurture a hot desking and telecommuting culture, before eventually downscaling to smaller premises with lower operating costs. In the short term, the flexibility provided by hot desking will enable many more employees to work from home when it suits them, which reduces traffic congestion and pollution, while providing employees with a better work/life balance.

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