PIKA Tech. Announces Field Trials for PIKA Connect for Skype

PIKA Technologies has announced that PIKA Connect for Skype, a set of software components for application developers which allow them to build business communications solutions that interface with Skype, is running in limited field trials and being demonstrated at eBay Live from June 13 to 15.

PIKA offers both server side and client side components in PIKA Connect for Skype. On the server side, PIKA's patent-pending AllOnHost technology provides a PC processor (host) based engine that can handle real-time audio switching, call transfer, and media processing functions. As a media processing engine, it can process audio from TDM, VoIP and now Skype. As part of PIKA AllOnHost, a set of API commands is provided to control the remote Skype clients. This message based API communicates with a client side application that in turn controls the Skype client directly.

On the client side, the PIKA Skype Gateway resides on the client machine and is responsible for transferring audio as well as call control information between the remote Skype client and application server. Using a proprietary audio transfer mechanism, the PIKA Skype Gateway is able to send and receive audio and call control information from a PIKA AllOnHost equipped application server.

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