Manx Outsources SMS to TynTec

TynTec announces a deal with O2 subsidiary Manx Telecom to provide the Isle of Man operator with an outsourced SMS solution. Under the deal TynTec will provide an outsourced SMS-centre to manage all of Manx's incoming and outgoing large account SMS activity, such as, high volume international SMS reception and SMS routing.

Manx Telecom has had in the past no large account SMS capability, instead offering only basic person to person SMS functionality. To expand their system to manage issues such as high traffic loads and long number reception would have required a costly and time consuming upgrade to the existing SMS-C. Instead, by outsourcing the role as a managed service on TynTec's established proprietary SMS-C infrastructure, Manx is able to offer full, large account SMS functionality with a fraction of the upfront investment.

TynTec's Managed Service was trialled in the past during the Isle of Man TT races to deal with the extra capacity requirements created by thousands of race fans visiting the Isle of Man. Because the system uses long numbers, visiting users from other countries can text in for information an important factor in a globally famous event such as the TT races.

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