UltraBac Software Unveils UltraBac Version 8.1

UltraBac Software has released an update to the company's popular backup and recovery software solution. UltraBac version 8.1 boasts an enhanced user interface, expanded media library support, and several new ease-of-use features.

New user interface features in UltraBac v8.1 make scheduling backups and reviewing jobs easier and more intuitive to navigate. A new 'Future' pane in the built-in scheduler allows users to view and edit backup jobs of any UltraBac managed server or workstation from one central site. Furthermore, a new 'History' pane allows users to query backup logs for specific types of backups. The user can select backups that occur on certain hosts, by date range, or by other criteria. UltraBac then displays the results in an easy to view color-coded pane, allowing the user to more easily coordinate and organize all backups from a single location.

Media libraries are further supported in this release with new compatibility for UltraBac Software's popular UltraCopy Agent. UltraCopy, an optional cost agent, has also been updated in v8.1 to support media spanning in autoloaders and libraries. UltraCopy is most frequently used as a strategic tool for implementing an off-site disaster recovery plan. Simply put, UltraCopy enables customers to copy or move backups from one medium to another as a secondary job. It can consolidate multiple disk or tape backups to virtually any other removable storage medium.

UltraCopy can be considered a two-stage utility for accomplishing either disk-to-tape or tape-to-tape operations because it can be run anytime after the original backup. For example, when an end user performs daily snapshots of critical servers to an online resource such as a SAN or NAS device it allows instant access for a bare metal recovery operation, but does not afford protection against a physical disaster. Using UltraCopy, all the individual snapshot backups can be scheduled for a routine copy operation that concatenates them all to one or more tapes for off-site storage, thus providing full disaster recovery protection. When compared to standard backup software, UltraCopy is unique because it creates a new restore index on the media, totally eliminating the two-stage restore requirement that standard backup software normally requires. UltraBac and UBDR Pro/Gold customers can mount and access UltraCopy generated media to perform direct and immediate restores for either file level or image based bare metal disaster recoveries.

Other new features that have also been added to UltraBac include:
- Embedded HTTP help links in backup logs, which provide a direct link to for resolution information.
- Auto detection and reporting of mismatched UltraBac program file versions ensures all machines are up-to-date for maximum protection.
- UTC time support allows companies to more closely coordinate and schedule worldwide backups.
- 'Eject after Restore' functionality prevents a restore tape from being overwritten if a backup starts while a tape is in the drive.
- Support for popular CD/DVD write drives via UltraBac's library device feature.
- Iomega REV Autoloader support.

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