Bluebeam Releases V 4.5 of Pushbutton Plus and Bluebeam Lite

Bluebeam Software has announced that it has released v. 4.5 of Pushbutton Plus and Bluebeam Lite to include Tablet PC compatibility in Bluebeam Revu. With this latest release, both Desktop and Tablet users can create accurate PDF files from CAD and use Bluebeam Revu to view large format PDF files and easily redline PDF designs and specifications.

Bluebeam Revu v. 4.5 offers several features for Tablet PC users including a clean interface for easy PDF viewing and navigation. There are several high quality markups available using the tablet pen including true text, free text, callout boxes and leader lines. Markups can be erased using the top of the tablet pen, and users can double click the tablet pen on the screen to zoom in and out of the PDF. Bluebeam also works with users' Tablet PC Auto Recognize tools to automatically translate written text to true text that is searchable in a PDF.

Additional v. 4.5 features available to Tablet and Desktop users include adding toolsets and profiles, multi-selecting and grouping markups, adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to a PDF, saving files as a v. 1.5 compressed PDF, and adding columns in the Revu markup list. Additionally, Bluebeam Lite v. 4.5 provides AutoCAD LT 2007 compatibility.

Bluebeam's Tablet PC compatibility features are included in Pushbutton Plus with Revu and Bluebeam Lite with Revu v. 4.5.

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