NISA V14.0 Finite Element Analysis Software Suite for Linux

Cranes Software International has announced the availability of NISA V14.0 Finite Element Analysis Software Suite for the Linux Operating System. NISA finite element analysis software is one of the most advanced engineering analysis tool available for the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power and Civil engineering industry. Users of NISA rely on its capabilities in; Stress Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Composite Material Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetic Analysis and Civil Structure Analysis. Other features being, a completely integrated pre-post processing environment and seamless interoperability with leading commercial CAD software's.

Linux systems are becoming commonplace in worldwide research and educational facilities. As the world's leading open source operating system, Linux offers customers an enterprise class operating environment at a low cost of ownership. With NISA for Linux, users can take advantage of the excellent performance of the Linux environment and the superior scalability and reliability required for high-end engineering computation. Enterprise level customers can handle tasks like large engineering simulations with ease and can rely on a multiple-user support platform to share development efforts early in the process of product development.

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